SDS Kiosk, Transform In-Store PC & Mobile Devices Support and make it Profitable.

Having both in-house consumer electronics experts and resorting to off-site repair centers represents an expensive and inefficient approach to solve your customers’ computer and device-related issues.
With SDS Kiosk, you can overcome these challenges with a simple solution while providing at the same time a unique service to your clients. This can be a healthy revenue source in itself, as well as create additional opportunities for upsales via our apploader, replacement products, accessories, etc.

Improve Visibility
and analysis on IT Returns

The first step to logistic process optimization is in the understanding of costs drivers. SDS Kiosk helps retailers to better identify these drivers.

Reduce Costs of PC and mobile devices reverse logistic operations

Avoid costs related to “no fault found.” Prevent up to 74% of PCs and 40% of mobile devices from being shipped to repair centers.

Generate additional revenue thanks to new service offerings

Data Sanitization

Unify Processes for PC and mobile device returns

Standardize all IT Returns into one single process with one single solution. Benefit from consistent quality in all locations. Leverage unified reporting abilities.

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