SDS Improves Your Profitability, Customer Satisfaction & Processes.

SDS is a solution dedicated to operating systems and applications deployment. Designed for your computer, SDS allows you to effectively manage the process of PC repair.

Image Database Management

Create Generic or Factory-like Images. Create BTO / CTO images. Manage Images From One Central Database.

Simultaneous Image Deployment

Fully automated process. Deploy images on a large number of machines from one server. Deploy preset-profiles: OS + Software + Drivers + Parameters.

Hardware Diagnostic & HDD wipe

Concurrent Operations. Complete Hardware Diagnostics & Report. HDD Softthinks Diagnostics. Hardware Burn In Testing. Adisa Certified Disk Wipe Process

System Diagnostic & Repair

Smart Repair: User Data Integrity Safe Repair Process. Smart Key: Smart Repair USB stick. Full Antivirus Scanning

Backup/Recovery & Migration

OS Upgrade Compatible. Full Migration: Data & Settings – OS & Applications. Backup & Recovery

Reporting & Computer Management

State of the Art Management Console. Computer Asset Management. Server Data Reports. Hardware Inventory reports. Company KPIs reports

ADISA Certified Disk Wipe Process

Softthinks’ data sanitization module got ADISA certified in 2015, 2019, 2022 and 2023

ADISA Product Claims Testing Certificate

The ADISA Product Claims Test service provides independent validation of the effectiveness of the media wipe process to sanitize data on different types of storage media.


ADISA Product Assurance Certificates

SoftThinks achieves ADISA's "Product Assurance 2023".
The ADISA Product Assurance 2023 certification scheme assesses compliance with known data sanitization guidelines and standards (NISTSP800-88R1 / IEEE 2883).
This is achieved through rigorous testing to verify the commands which the software sends to different media types and interfaces.

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