Supporting Industry Leaders in PC Retail since 2008

SoftThinks’ softwares key benefits for PC Retailers

Cost efficiency improvement in PC maintenance process

Consistent quality in all maintenance centers

High added value branded services for end-user support

Most complete computer imaging package available

Fast and Efficient system diagnostic & repair

Cut in costs with the decrease in second customer return for the same problem

Centralised imaging administration console

Communication tool based on maintenance platforms' data

Patented Repair process preserving customers' data & settings if possible

Full Hardware inventory improving hardware components management

SoftThinks covers the needs of the entire repair chain


SoftThinks’ solutions results: higher productivity and a jump in customer satisfaction.

  • Customer satisfaction: from 58% to 91%
  • Speed of repair: from 10 days to 2 days
  • Repair Centers: from 6 to 3
  • Return after Repair: from 11,4% to 6,8%
  • 1 technician to analyze/repair up to 40 systems simultaneously
  • 0 User Data loss in 9 months of operation (except full HDD HW failure)

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