• Take your system recovery to the next level
  • Take your system recovery to the next level

Instant Restore repairs Windows 7 and 8

Don’t be afraid of reinstalling your environment, Instant Restore will always be at your side to repair automatically your operating system.


Automatic System Backup

Revolutionnary Technology based on system snapshots

Fast Repair. 10min

Preserve your personnal data & settings

There is a new challenger in the OS backup and repair industry. Instant Restore : the automatic backup and repair solution for essential OS working elements. During the Windows Lifecycle, Instant Restore will repair most of incidents that  can happpen to your operating system. It protects system files, boot files, drivers and registries.

Enhance your PC lifetime with Instant Restore, and make sure your Windows is always stable




  • Microsoft Windows 7 32bits or 64bits
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 5 GB of free space on a hard drive
  • Microsoft restore system